Movie | Comedy | TV-PG | 1:30 | English | 2005 | SD
Howard Hesseman stars as Fred Nickells, a lonely old eccentric who intends to spend Christmas Eve driving around town in a limo and tossing huge wads of money to deserving pedestrians. To this end, Nickells hires chauffeur Shannon McManus-Johnson (Andrea Roth), a single mom who'd much rather spend the Night Before Christmas with her son Trevor (Jason Spevack). Meanwhile, reporter Peter Archer (Yannick Bisson), determined to learn the motive behind Nickells' Yuletide generosity, uncovers a startling secret that could well determine the future of himself and Shannon - but will it be for the better?
Andrea Roth
Howard Hesseman
Jason Spevack
Yannick Bisson
Eleanore Lindo
Territory: The Universe (Excluding Canada)
Rights: All Media
Languages Available: English, French, Italian, Portuguese