Movie | Comedy | TV-PG | 1:36 | English | 2004 | HD
33-year-old ad executive Eve Simon is, to all outward appearances, a success, and a fabulously wealthy one. Even so, as she sits alone nursing an expensive drink in an upscale Manhattan watering hole on Christmas Eve, she wonders if it's all been worth it, and how her life would have turned out had she made different choices. "Wish upon the Christmas star!" advises a philosophical derelict named Brother James. Eve does just that and awakens eight years earlier, once again an unemployed 21-year-old living with her parents and still engaged to Scott, the hometown boy whom she would ultimately dump in her pursuit of a career in the Big Apple. Will she make the same choices again, or will she follow her heart instead of her head the second time around?
Elisa Donovan
Cheryl Ladd
Sebastian Spence
Winston Rekert
Erin Karpluk
Timothy Bond
Territory: The Universe (Excluding Canada)
Rights: All Media
Languages Available: English, French, Lat Am Spanish