Movie | Action | R | 1:30 | English | 1998 | HD
Jason Chandler, a dedicated young FBI agent, specializes in tracking down the most notorious serial killers in America. New to the force, he becomes suspicious of a developing pattern in the number of accidental deaths and disappearances of several prime serial killer suspects. With the help of his former mentor, Jason collects facts to help support his theory. He is soon lured into the highly secretive FBI operational unit known as Red Team. Once involved, Jason quickly realizes that, for all intents and purposes, Red Team is an execution squad established to wield ultimate vigilante-like vengeance. Judge, jury, and due process of the law have been clinically discarded, as have the suspects. This creates a very dangerous dilemma for Jason. If he goes along with Red Team's philosophy and actions, he is a criminal. If not, he is a dead man.
Patrick Muldoon
Cathy Moriarty
Fred Ward
Tim Thomerson
C. Thomas Howell
Jeremy Haft
Territory: The Universe
Rights: All Media
Languages Available: English