Movie | Action | TV-14 | 1:36 | English | 1998 | SD
Jamie Marshall (Kelly McGillis) is a "storm chaser" who, having lost her husband in a plane crash, recklessly throws herself into her work. Sent by her boss to Colorado to investigate the cause of a devastating tornado, she meets Will Stanton (Wolf Larson), Field Coordinator for FEMA. One night, while working together examining the wreckage of the recent storm, Jamie and Will witness a ball of lightning falling from the sky, connecting with the ground all around them. Upon returning the next day, Jamie and Will discover a facility where waste from scientific experimentation is affecting the atmosphere, causing the tornadoes. With seven new tornadoes on the horizon, Jamie and Will prepare the already ravaged town for another possible disaster!
Kelly McGillis
Wolf Larson
Liz Torres
Adrian Zmed
David Millbern
Mark Sobel
Territory: The Universe
Rights: All Media
Languages Available: English, French, Castilian Spanish