Movie | Comedy | TV-14 | 1:32 | English | 1999 | HD
Frank, a genius nerd, wants to be with the in crowd and get Macy, the cutest girl in school. He gets his shot when a couple of popular jocks haze Karl, the school goth outcast, to death. Frank offers to bring Karl back to life in his home lab, using a brain from his dad's research project. The resurrection is successful, and the new Karl wants to party! Now Frank's on the A-list to the prom with Macy - with some strings attached. Unbeknownst to Frank, he has reanimated Karl with the brain of a mass murderer. Now Frank must use every resource to stop Karl from killing again, and send him back to the grave.
Matthew Lawrence
Christine Lakin
Ryan Reynolds
Judge Reinhold
Richard Moll
Mitch Marcus
Territory: The Universe
Rights: All Media
Languages Available: English, French, Lat Am Spanish