Movie | Thriller | TV-MA | 1:30 | English | 2011 | HD
Toby French is a bright young attorney whose father, Marcus, is a high-powered divorce attorney. When Toby meets with a prospective client on his boat, she soon realizes that something is seriously wrong and finds herself held hostage in the middle of the ocean by a man seeking revenge against Marcus. Her captor blames his bitter and nasty divorce for ruining his life and taking away everything that mattered to him - his wife, his daughter, his home. Now he seeks retribution by taking the one thing that matters most to Marcus - his daughter, Toby. Tied up and beaten, Toby must fight hard to stay alive.
Dina Meyer
Peter O'Brien
Victor Parascos
Dale G. Bradley
Territory: The Universe (Excluding New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands)
Rights: All Media
Languages Available: English